Poppa Bear Norton // July 11, 2019 // Big Wood Brewery

Poppa Bear Norton

Thursday, July 11th, 2019

9:30 PM


Recent recipients of the Midwest CMA Songwriter of the Year and Maverick Awards, Poppa Bear Norton returns to the Big Wood stage Thursday, July 11th as part of our Big Wood After Marketfest Music Series!

This Minnesota-based, two-man, runaway freight train, hillbilly band takes all the humor, sorrow, self-deprecation, and violence that once made country music great, then Poppa Bear & B carefully (but, not too carefully) add some trucker speed, black coffee, and rocket fuel to the mix. Shake it up, light a match, and you wind up with a highly explosive original “Daredevil Country” sound — a style of country that can only be preformed by true “Country Daredevils” and that’s just what “The Singer” and “The Slinger” are. That’s right folks, Poppa Bear Norton is America’s #1 Daredevil Country duo, performing without a safety net while flipping the bird in the face of the homogenized bro-country establishment.

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