Quality. Community. Fun! This is how we do it at Big Wood Brewery.

About Big Wood

The craft brewing movement was founded by dissidents. A group of like-minded rebels with a David vs. Goliath mentality. They were tired of the same old, same old from the big beer companies. They wanted something different. Better.

Big Wood Brewery is no exception to those principles. Everyone who works inside these walls embraces that mind set. It’s who we are and what we believe in. We enjoy going against the grain and doing things our own way. We unapologetically brew the beers we love to drink. That’s what makes us happy. Period.

In 2009 we launched the brewery and created our first award-winning craft beer, Morning Wood Coffee Stout.  Since that day, we have been committed to crafting quality beer our way. We respect the laws and traditions of our industry, but we don’t feel the need to follow trends. Deviating from the norm is our norm — we consider ourselves the original hipsters (or shall we say “hopster”) due to our lack of interest in conforming.

The team at Big Wood Brewery is very involved with the wonderful community we call home. Those who have been here know what we mean. If you haven’t visited Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, then we have a suggestion for you: stop by the Taproom on a weekend afternoon.

We don’t just love Vadnais Heights. We love supporting causes all around the great state of Minnesota. If you seek a charitable contribution from Big Wood, please send us some info and we will be in touch. We love to help good people when we can.

All seriousness aside, we are just a bunch of fun-loving people who have a passion for great beer. Stop by sometime and see for yourself.


3429 Centerville Rd.
Vadnais Heights, MN 55127

Taproom Hours

Wednesday: 3 – 10 PM
Thursday: 3 PM – Midnight
Friday & Saturday: Noon – Midnight
Sunday: Noon – 8 PM
Monday & Tuesday: Closed