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FREE delivery within 10-miles, 7 days a week!

Delivery & Pick-up Hours:
12-8 PM

  • Delivery is FREE within a 10-mile radius of Big Wood, minimum order is $20.
  • Delivery time will typically be within 1-2 hours of ordering.
  • A valid ID is required for all beer orders at time of pick up/delivery, no exceptions.

Growlers & health info:

  • All growler sales will include a $5/growler deposit for a new, sanitized growler. Empty growlers may be returned at the Brewery only at this time — $5 or a free pint coupon per growler. Please sanitize your growlers before bringing them to us, we will do the same before bringing them to you.
  • All beer & orders are packaged in sanitized containers.
  • Our packaging area is cleaned and sanitized frequently.
  • Our drivers will maintain a safe distance from you during delivery.
  • Please either display your ID through a window or place outside so our driver can verify your age without handling your ID.
  • Our driver will place your delivery outside the door in a sanitized bag.
  • Our drivers will use sanitizer before and after each delivery.

To get beer:
1. Select your beers below and add to cart.
2. Once you’re ready, head to checkout.
3. Choose Delivery or Pick Up and submit payment.
4. Get your beer!

Online orders are accepted beginning 1 hour before delivery starts for the day.

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